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Stand out from your prospects' inbox. Boost sales and response rates for your business with the power of audio.

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Increase Responses

Get the attention you deserve and connect to your prospect with custom audio recordings. Build a connection to your client.

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No need to craft a long text-based email. Simply record your message in no time and insert it with one click.

Be more productive

RecordSnail is the most comfortable way to send emails today. We created a software that lets you focus on your priorities.

Millions of Voice Messages get sent Every Day in Messaging apps.
it's time to do that for Emails as well.

You might noticed that people send more and more audio recordings on messaging apps than text messages. Of course, why wouldn't you either? You can record them easily without typing something and you can convey your emotions much better a text based message ever could.

We believe that business owners in the B2B space need to step up their game and use the power of audio. As a business owner myself I know how frustrating it can be to send out cold emails to prospects and get almost no answers from them.

That's why we created RecordSnail! With this Chrome extension you can easily record voice recordings and send them out to your future clients. You can also personalize your email with just a few clicks and get the response that you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with RecordSnail?

With RecordSnail you record your own audio messages and use them for your B2B cold emails. The recipient will pay more attention to an audio message than a text-only email. It’s also a way to create a more personal connection to your future customer.

You can also use RecordSnail for: Follow up emails to qualified leads, internal memos or for personal use. RecordSnail helps you to get that special message across!

How many audio recordings can I send?

As many as you want! We do not limit the number of emails you send with RecordSnail.

How do I get started?

Simply download the RecordSnail Chrome extension, go to Gmail in your Chrome Browser, click the RecordSnail icon and start your free trial. Then you can record emails right away.

I signed up but didn't get a confirmation email. What to do?

We recommend you use your Gmail address to sign up for RecordSnail. Otherwise check your spam folder of your email provider. A reinstallation of RecordSnail solves the issue.

Can I only use an @gmail.com address?

No, you can use any address! RecordSnail simply uses the Gmail Interface to send emails. Connect any other email-account by simply setting it up in the Gmail-Settings.

For example, if you are John Doe from ExampleCompany, you can connect your john@examplecompany.com account.

Click here to see a tutorial.

How to cancel my subscription?

Simply open RecordSnail and go to “Personal Variables”. There you will find an option to be not be charged in the future.

How do you handle my data?

We value your privacy and your data. Therefore, we don’t have access to your settings in the RecordSnail Interface or your audio messages. Every audio message gets automatically deleted from our servers after 30 days. Also, we use Stripe for a secure checkout.


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